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Lewd Secret Exposed

Ever since discovering the pleasures of climbing poles and skinny trees naked. I had secluded spots where I felt safe getting naked outdoors and playing with myself sexually exploring my body

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Lewd Secret Exposed

By: rawdewd - Published:

      The summer-like weather sunny warm, dry,  with a slight breeze , a perfect day to endulge in personal  hobby.    Plans to go hiking in a remote canyon near home and take all my clothes off excited me, I had  butterflies in my stomach.  Hardon most of the day,  at some inconvenient times.     Ever since discovering  the pleasures of climbing poles and skinny trees  naked.  I had secluded spots where I felt safe getting naked outdoors and playing with myself sexually exploring my body,   I was to visit a new place today, with many skinny smooth barked eucalyptus trees. The bike ride from work was 20 minutes  as usual was still in the neighborhood.  I took the same route home  until suddenly a detour. I, then headed towards the secluded canyon not far away going off road till I reached the end of the trail and ditched my bike. I was already aroused at the thought of getting naked outside. A little further on foot and there the trees were up on a  hill. I wasted no time undressing near a boulder.  Pre cum flooded my urethra. The sheer pleasure of being naked outside was intoxicating.  My penis was rigid as can be swaying about in front of me jiggled with stiffness with each step I took.  Some shrubs blocked a clear view anyone that might have from a trail on the opposite side of the creek, but once near the trees,  in the wide open again. I knew there was a chance of a hiker or mountain bikers appearing was possible but, I ignored the risk. I feel tingle all over and my erection throbbed vigorously as I grip the tree and ease myself up into position to climb. I pull myself up slowly clamping my thighs together, squeezing my erection slightly and upwards pressing against the tree, then  releasing with precise timing continuing for several minutes then increasing in intensity climbing up more and eventually a tingling  feeling begins to build. Prolonging and delaying to make it last longer, sometimes taking short risky walks down the trail and back.  Then while clinging to the tree a wave of pleasure overcomes my whole body for as long as I clung to the tree. Ejaculating strongly letting out long moans of enjoyment holding back nothing.   It was when I was finished  I heard someone call out my name from a few yards. Shocked to see a friend emerge from the shrubs where he hid, secretly watching me do my thing.     He followed me curious to find where I might be going alone.   He asked me what I was doing over and over, but I was so embarrassed I could not answer. The lewd and deviant nature of what he just saw me do was not something that was supposed to be known about.   He stood there watching me fumbling with my clothes while my penis was still hard. I dreaded returning to work the next day.

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